Who are we?

We collect with passion!

It all began in the early 1960s, with the collection of used oil produced by small businesses in Milan and its surroundings by the founder Antonino Ferrante.

Today, more than 50 years later, Mecomer is a modern and well-established multi-functional platform able to manage, on a daily basis, almost all types of special, hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Mecomer has positioned itself as a reliable partner for medium and large-sized national and international industries.

In the context of new societal challenges and growing competition, the Ferrante family aims for Mecomer to expand its international dimension by joining Séché Environnement Group, one of the world’s key players of circular economy and industrial waste management.

With Stefano Ferrante, as the junction between the past and the future of the company, remaining at the head of Mecomer, holding a minority stake and assuming the position of Chief Executive Officer, the future with Séché Environnement Group seems promising and is still to be written.

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Séché Group: an international player in the circular economy

Séché Environnement is a family business founded by Joël Séché. Today, after more than thirty years, it is a leading international group specialized in the management, recovery and treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous special waste.

Practicing a circular economy means promoting a vision of sustainable development inseparable from the quality of life of each of us.

Mecomer and the Séché Group: a common vision

For a social and economic sustainable development, there is an increasing need for an ecological waste management capable of substantially reducing its production, while minimizing negative impacts on the environment and human health.

Séché Group on the international scene

In France, Séché Environnement Group has more than 40 recovery and waste treatment facilities. All its facilities worldwide are equipped with advanced and specialised technology specially conceived to treat complex, hazardous and non-hazardous waste. The Group is present in 15 countries around the world and can count on a highly specialised, professional and technical human team of more than 4400 employees worldwide.

Séché Environnement has been a member of Global Compact for over 15 years and is strongly committed to the Sustainable Development Objectives. Thanks to all this, Séché Group has gained increasing worldwide recognition, not only from big industrial actors but also from governments and international institutions (UN, UNDP, FAO, UNIDO, World Bank).

The Mecomer world

People and technologies working for the environment

Waste and sustainable development

To know better to manage even better.

Accurate knowledge about waste classification is a prerequisite for any controlled, safe and flexible waste management activity. Our task is to guarantee, to every customer, that they will have a trustworthy partner who will always be careful and ready to offer the best possible solution.

Quick and reliable service

Solutions at your fingertips.

Mecomer is aware of the importance of providing fast and reliable services; to achieve this goal, Mecomer can count on the support of qualified operators as well as business means and equipment to satisfy the requests of small and medium-sized companies within 48 hours of the call.

Respect for the environment

Our planet is our home.

Mecomer has signed different commercial agreements with the main European incinerators in order to guarantee the energy recovery of around 80% of waste delivered to these facilities. By this Mecomer is supporting a virtuous circular model in which one person’s waste becomes another one’s resources.

Structured workforce

Professionalism as a priority.

An accurate work organization is the key; also we can count on a highly skilled and professional team of registered chemists and operators and we also offer technical support provided by a modern and well-equipped laboratory; all this helps us meet our customers’ most demanding expectations.


Waste recycling activities.

Mecomer is an authorized representative of CONOU (Consorzio Nazionale per la Gestione, raccolta e Trattamento degli Oli Minerali Usati / National Consortium for the Handling, Collection and Treatment of Used Mineral Oils), a concessionary of COBAT (Consorzio Nazionale per rifiuti di pile e accumulatori / National Consortium for Waste Batteries and Accumulators) and CONOE (Consorzio Nazionale per il recupero degli oli vegetali / National Consortium for Vegetal Oil Recovery) and works with the leading consortiums of the field.


Every step towards evolution, every success, and every new challenge has come with greater responsibility. We are committed to providing a transparent, compliant, and honest exchange with our stakeholders. Doing the right thing at the right time is the way we express our sense of responsibility.

Internal resources

Human resources are the driving force behind our company. This is why we have built a modern and comfortable working environment in which each of our employees feels motivated to bring out his professional skills, and integrate a virtuous circle in which each individual skill is valued, and makes part of a whole. This combination of skills makes a stable and diverse human team that has taken us through the path of growth.

Seriousness in a smile

Seriousness is a reflection of our sense of duty; it is fairness and responsibility that we put at the base of every human and professional relationship. And all this without ever losing our smile, because ultimately, for us, seriousness is the joy of doing our work with all the passion we are capable of.





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