The New Mecomer

Hazardous and non-hazardous powdered waste repackaging area

Modern suction and repackaging equipment respecting the environment and operators’ health.

Atex area for handling and transferring flammable liquid waste

Suction and air exchange systems and facilities equipment aimed at ensuring maximum operational safety.

Reagents area

A sorting, repackaging and storage area equipped with breathing air filtration system connected to protective helmets with inert gas fire extinguishing system.

Sorting and repackaging area

Accurate sorting of commodity materials.

Two mixing and storage areas for solid and sludge hazardous waste in collection tanks

Mixing and homogenization of hazardous waste in a confined and safe environment.

New tank farm

Thirteen tanks operated by automated systems to support a new liquid tank loading/unloading area and two different weighing systems.

Shredding and volumetric reduction areas

Two shredding and volumetric reduction lines to optimize transportation activities.

New hazardous and non-hazardous waste storage areas

More handling space, improved operator safety.

In-house laboratories

One specialized analysis laboratory for homologation, acceptance, and control of treatment activities and two for performing expeditious analyses.
Three in-house analytical laboratories equipped with the best technologies and supported by a proven staff of chemists who guide each stage of the analytical process of chemical and physical characterization for both incoming and outgoing waste.
It is in this way that Mecomer has gradually established itself as a multifunctional platform capable of preparing waste mixtures, both solid and liquid, for domestic and international waste-to-energy facilities, becoming a solid point of reference in the industry landscape.

New air treatment facilities

Two afterburners, one scrubber, five new activated carbon adsorption facilities to protect the environment and operator safety.

Fire safety systems

Automatic deluge and inert gas sprinkler systems, monitoring poles, new pumping stations and collection tanks, for a facility where safety takes center stage.